93593 SILZNAR8C7H Iridium-Platinum Spark Plug

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93593 betfair arcade app android-SILZNAR8C7H Iridium-Platinum Spark Plug Specification Cross Reference SILZNAR8C7H 93593 91924 ILZNAR8A7G

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93593 betfair arcade app android-SILZNAR8C7H Iridium-Platinum Spark Plug


Thread Size: M12*1.25

Reach: 25mm

Hex Size: 16mm

Resistor: Yes

Center Electrode Material: Iridium

Ground Electrode Material: Platinum

Cross Reference

SILZNAR8C7H  93593  ILZNAR8A7G 91924 

betfair arcade app android-SILZNAR8C7H Iridium Plugs bring these benefits:

More engine power!
Iridium Plugs improve the engine performance in terms of power. The extra power becomes apparent in situations like climbing hills, giving you a comfortable driving and touring experience.

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