96870 fantasydraft support-ILTR6H8G Iridium-Platinum Spark Plug

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96870 fantasydraft support-ILTR6H8G iridium-Platinum Spark Plug Specifacation Cross Reference 9016 RES8WYCB5 ITV22 9A6G-12405-BA 9A6G-12405-CA

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96870 fantasydraft support-ILTR6H8G Iridium-Platinum Spark Plug

Spark plug construction:

Insulator tip also allows a simple single piece construction at low cost but high mechanical reliability. 

The dimensions of the insulator and the metal conductor core determine the heat range of the plug. 

Short insulators are usually "cooler" free cricket games for pc, while "hotter" free cricket games for pc are made with a lengthened path to the metal body, though this also depends on the thermally conductive metal core.

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